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Cryptopay is a British company that provides easy access to the world of cryptocurrencies. Buy, store, sell, exchange, pay with and earn on cryptocurrencies. We make it safe and simple!

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Dmitry Gunyashov


When we started Cryptopay, it was just a few people, so you had to multitask. I did a bit of everything for a time: answered questions from our clients, tried myself as a compliance moderator, and even dabbled a little with the code. This makes me hugely appreciate my colleagues and what they do for the company. Their desire to make Cryptopay better with every passing day – I am incredibly grateful for that.

Cryptopay team

Andrey Nikiforov


Development team

I'm the man who takes care of everything – my job is to keep the cogwheels moving and my developers growing. My ultimate life goal is to build an autonomous system capable of making good progress on its own.   In the end, Cryptopay is a team of people who care. This is why I'm here. Our users have their ideas of what makes a great product, and this is what motivates us. We believe in them, and they believe in us.

Product team


There's no company without a product and no product without a product owner. These are the most versatile people: they research, brainstorm, and create strategies, but most importantly – they manage the people who make the product. This means understanding what everyone's doing – be it a software engineer or a UX/UI designer – to make the team fulfil their full potential. And with so many people working on a single product, it's no easy task, so soft skills are invaluable. We feel really lucky to have such a brilliant, talented team to drive Cryptopay forward.

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Alexander Petrashko


Analytics team

It's been five years since I got here and I don't remember ever being bored. The work is challenging enough, and that's what drives me. It's never been like you're reliving the same day time and again, no 9 to 5 nightmare full of routine tasks – there are no routine tasks. Instead, there are people from many different teams coming to you, and they'd request some stats, for example. My job is to understand what they really want to achieve and why so I can help them. It's like solving puzzles, really. You have a brand new one every time. And when you see that what you did for your colleagues made them do their jobs more efficiently, that's really cool. At this point, Cryptopay feels like home or a place where you want to return again and again.

Konstantin Gorin


Support team

I'm a big advocate for creating client-centred support. This is how I was taught when I came to Cryptopay, and this is what I'm trying to pass on to my fellow support agents. You've probably heard about customer success and customer experience. These trendy words are my job. People will tell you a lot about what grieves them, what makes them happy – you only need to listen. And then, we pass the insights to the product team, and together we make the service better for our clients. And help along the way, too, of course.
I may be supporting clients, but Cryptopay supports me as well. There are always opportunities to grow and improve for my team and me. This is why I love working here.

Marketing team


One of the most testing paths you can choose in the cryptoindustry is that of a marketing specialist. All the more exciting for that! You'll be responsible for how people see and perceive your brand and whether they see you at all, so it's no walk in the park. Communication skills, resourcefulness, creativity and enthusiasm for challenges are a must. Luckily, you'll be in good hands.

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Design team


This team is responsible for how our users see and interact with Cryptopay. This is why they strive to make this journey not only aesthetically pleasing (though this is important!) but create the best user experience possible. Join the team to make interactions intuitive and stunning!

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Alexey Sidorov


Finance team

I remember talking to a colleague who, back then, had just started working for Cryptopay. And he said 'well, in your company... something-something'. No. It's in 'our company'. From day one: if you're here, you're part of the team. We value your opinion, we're glad you're here, and we're sure we can do many great things together.
We created a sort of a holy trifecta here. There's the team, the client and the product. I think clients love what we're doing because we love what we're doing. And in turn, we feel their appreciation, and it makes us work even harder for them.

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Dilan Kaplan



Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.' - Mark Twain
For an industry to flourish, it must be well regulated and well understood. As Head of Compliance, it is an exciting time to be working with virtual assets as the regulatory space is fast evolving to reflect the ever-changing landscape we work in. With Cryptopay, I remain at the forefront of these changes and readily engage in industry discussions on the topic. I have a wonderful, dedicated and hard-working team who are well versed and well experienced in the compliance landscape.
Cryptopay have encompassed a culture of compliance, making it one of the most operationally friendly companies I have had the pleasure of working with.

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Evgeny Gonchenko


The constantly evolving product, the experienced clients and the teamwork that goes with it – this is what differentiates Cryptopay. I appreciate that my position here offers the opportunity to work on both traditional corporate matters as well as on industry-impacting issues of the crypto world – all at a rapid pace!

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